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But I Can’t Get Comfortabuhls!

Poor Abby, Flash and Taylor are couch hogs!

Shelties on couch

Definitely no room for you either, Peggy!


Halo says: “I am not sure about Abby and her puppy play!

Shetland Sheepdog puppy playing

Awe, Teresa!

Sheltie Sprinkler Sparkler Barker!

Say that three times real fast!

What a neat photo of Abby, Beth!

Manna From Heaven!

Abby & Aiden must catch ALL the flakes!

Wahooo, Stephanie & Lisa!

Is this a union job?

Abby & Carter have to come and check it out every so often to make sure they approve. Shelly, every job site needs a good foreman…or two.  ;)