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Bea: Arizona Sheltie Rescue

Bea is an adorable double dilute Sheltie puppy who was born May 10, 2011. These Shelties are known by several different names: double merle, double dilute or homozygous merle.

Sadly, many of the resulting puppies from this type of breeding happen to be mostly blind and/or deaf.  Bea is no exception.  But thankfully she is a happy girl who is doing fine in her foster home and quickly learning the “lay of the land”.

She is social and tries to interact with the other dogs – although they aren’t quite sure what to do with this active little puppy!  She is quickly picking up house training and it won’t be too long before the foster parents introduce the dog door.  She appears healthy and is undergoing her vaccinations.  She will be microchipped and spayed prior to adoption.  Somebody with patience and a willingness to work with her is going to end up with a wonderful girl!

If you might be interested in giving this cutie pie the loving home she deserves, contact Arizona Sheltie Rescue, Inc.

Expression of gratitude

Lady says: “thank you for adopting me mom!”

Hugs to you Beth!

I’ve got a new friend!

Leo (on left) is a recent rescue from Northwest Alabama Herding Dog Rescue. We would like to think they’re smiling because Leo has a home and Grayson has a buddy. So with the addition of Leo we’ve joined the 2 or more Sheltie club!SheltiesmilesThey are always cuter in pairs, Jeremy and Meagan!  ;)

Comfy chair + warm fire + chew bone = heaven?

Newly adopted Callie looks quite comfortable!!
CallieadoptHugs to you Vicki for giving Callie a good home!

Deal of the century!


I volunteer on Saturday at Salt Lake County Animal Services an although about 1/4 of the dogs we get are purebred, we don’t see many Shelties. I guess they’re too smart to get lost.
Anyway, one Saturday I noticed this sad face in a kennel. I took her out into one of the runs. She didn’t want to do anything except lie on the grass. I took a few photos and petted her for quite awhile. She was so reserved and even depressed.
Lost2Later, a couple who was on the list to adopt came to visit with her. She interacted with the family quite well and, after the visit, I took her back to her kennel. In a few hours I came to take her out again.
What a difference! She moved around the run and flashed the trademark Sheltie smile. I’m sure it was because she was certain that she now would have a home. The couple paid the adoption fee of only $95, which included the spay and even a microchip; truly the deal of the century!

Thanks for volunteering to help needy dogs Ken!