I volunteer on Saturday at Salt Lake County Animal Services an although about 1/4 of the dogs we get are purebred, we don’t see many Shelties. I guess they’re too smart to get lost.
Anyway, one Saturday I noticed this sad face in a kennel. I took her out into one of the runs. She didn’t want to do anything except lie on the grass. I took a few photos and petted her for quite awhile. She was so reserved and even depressed.
Lost2Later, a couple who was on the list to adopt came to visit with her. She interacted with the family quite well and, after the visit, I took her back to her kennel. In a few hours I came to take her out again.
What a difference! She moved around the run and flashed the trademark Sheltie smile. I’m sure it was because she was certain that she now would have a home. The couple paid the adoption fee of only $95, which included the spay and even a microchip; truly the deal of the century!

Thanks for volunteering to help needy dogs Ken!

Codabeauplaying A little over a year ago we rescued the most friendly little Sable boy from the Northern Chesapeake Sheltie Rescue in Maryland.  Beau had been abandoned because is previous owner couldn’t handle his special needs.

When Beau came to live with us he was timid and cowered at the smallest sound. He was also very under weight and wouldn’t eat his food unless I hand fed him.

After a few months with Beau we found out that he has OCD.  We have been working on training him and giving him the right medication to help him live a normal puppy life.  Coda (our 4 year old Sheltie) has been a great help as well.  She plays with him and tries to correct him when she can.

Now, a little over a year later, Beau is a healthy boy who thinks that every human is put here to give him love :)  He says hello to all strangers and never hesitates to give them lots of kisses.  He sleeps in between me and my husband in the bed and doesn’t mind being squished because it makes hims feel safe.  He starts his mornings with a romp around the house with Coda and spends his days trying out every soft surface in the house as a sleeping spot.

We were very scared about adopting a dog who had been abused and neglected, but Beau has been amazing and I recommend adopting to everyone who says they’re ready to bring home a dog.

Way to go, Nicole!

Sophie and Orson pose for a picture that was taken on Orson’s first night home.  Both Sophie and Orson are rescue shelties – Sophie was a puppy mill rescue and Orson was abandoned in a foreclosure home.
SophieorsonHugs to you Marie for adopting them!