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There is Light at the End of This Tunnel

Shy, little Kenzi, adopted from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue, makes it through the agility tunnel for the first time.

So proud of herself, she stopped to relish the moment and smile for her adoring fans!


Awe, Debbie!

Thank You For Flying Air Sheltie

We’ll be at an altitude of approximately three feet. Please fasten your seatbelts, and note that the captain has turned on the “no barking” sign.

Fenway is a beautiful boy, Kathy-Jo!

(Photo by Bob Bernstein)

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: See, I can do agility!

You work on it little one!

Thanks to

Pull! [Tennis ball shoots thru air]

Can you tell Beckett is going to be an agility star?

At 20 months old he has already started competing in agility.   He got two qualifying scores from the three runs he was entered in!  Surprised?  Not! :))

A hard workin’ boy Helen & Lisa!

The Agility Sheltie’s Creed

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays Miss Morgan from the swift completion of her rounds.

;)) Janie