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Fun & funky den!

I guess CJ needed a break after an evening of agility training?

;) Sheri & Glen

I think he’s got it!

Joey has mastered his down contact on the agility teeter totter – and it shows!What a good boy Ann!

I dream of agility

Bastien loves agility so much he naps in the tube! Tube Awe, so sweet Gwendy!

Don’t I look good in blue?

Bentley won his first agility trial!
Agility1Way to go Bentley & Ashley!

Agility Team Sheltie mascot: Poodle!

Annie the Poodle must roll her eyes at all the Sheltie silliness.
The Shelties(L to R) Chrissy, Winnie, Lauren, Moriah, Sally and Linus.
MascotThanks to Glen!