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No More Pictures Please!

Annie says: “good grief, the paparazzi is relentless these days!”

annieeyesHugs to you for adopting, Gail!

Hoppy Hour

Annie caught herself a frog as big as she is!
anniefrogSo cute, Kathy!

Wonder Nap Powers, Activate!

Shhh. Flash and Annie Frannie are mind-melding.

Shetland Sheepdogs sleeping

Beautiful rescue dogs, Marti!

Holy beejebus, I’m glad I’m not in there!

Look away, Annie!

Puppy watches Sheltie in shower.

Is she wondering if she is next, Kathy?

Why I Love My Big Brother

Annie: I love my big brother Bruiser because he is nice and kind and doesn’t treat me like I’m little…very much.

:) Karen