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Winds Gusting From The West…No, From The East.

A Sheltie’s coat is much more reliable than weather-people on the morning news.


Arnie on the beach of Lake Erie in Leamington, Ontario.

The M.V. Jiimaan car ferry is in the distance, which goes to Pelee Island, Ontario, Canada. Terry

Have I Got a Deal For You!

Arnie says: “You throw my wuboo and I bring it back!”


Sound like a good deal to us, Terry! :)

Snow Smiley!

As most Shelties do, Arnie loves the snow!
:)) Terry & Karen

Sheltie + caffeine = trouble

Arnie patiently waits to have a sip of coffee.  But I bet he wont be sitting still AFTER the sip though.  :)
ArniecoffeeLOL Terry & Karen


Arnie, like most Shelties, tries very hard for human attention.ArniebackIs he hoping for a belly rub if you bend over for the fuzzy slippers Terry and Karen?  LOL