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Have I Got a Deal For You!

Arnie says: “You throw my wuboo and I bring it back!”


Sound like a good deal to us, Terry! :)

Snow Smiley!

As most Shelties do, Arnie loves the snow!
:)) Terry & Karen

Sheltie + caffeine = trouble

Arnie patiently waits to have a sip of coffee.  But I bet he wont be sitting still AFTER the sip though.  :)
ArniecoffeeLOL Terry & Karen


Arnie, like most Shelties, tries very hard for human attention.ArniebackIs he hoping for a belly rub if you bend over for the fuzzy slippers Terry and Karen?  LOL

You are a funny looking Sheltie

Sadie the bunny, hangs with Sheltie buddy Arnie.
Rabbitt Awwwe, bunny kisses Terry & Karen!