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Snow Way!

Aslan got a little snow on his nose!


Wow Mark! Snow in Arkansas!?

We (Heart) Shelties

With faces like these, what’s not to love!

Shetland Sheepdogs and paper heart

We (heart) Travis & Aslan too, Craig & Christine! ;)

Backseat Barkers

Aslan, Tayla, and tri-color Bodhi are all ready for a trip to…the local cookie mart?

So nice to see them buckled up safely, Sarah!

Not Such a Hot Idea?

Aslan says: “Well, maybe not for YOU, mom, but I thought the sprinkler was great fun!”

The blade of grass is a nice touch don’t you think, Sarah?

Little birdie in the window?

This is Aslan showing us that he wants to come inside.  I don’t know which bird taught him to perch in the window sill to get attention, but its affective.
AslanLOL, Craig!