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What every baby needs…

Abby and Cayden compare notes…er, noses.
Abbybaby And she makes a perfect addition to the nursery!
Abby toysAbby has such a unique face marking Cheryl!

Everett meets a new friend!

Do you know how hard it is to get a baby deer and a Sheltie to look the same direction?
Deer2Nope Steve, can’t say I’ve had the experience! ;)

Shelties: guardians of all creatures!

The other day a baby robin was in my back yard and Daphny found it but did not harm it. She looked at the little bird and came to me to show me. I was so proud she has a gentle heart and is not one to harm the little creature!
Bird1What a sweet soul, Danny!

But I thought I was the baby?

Ever since the new baby came, Rocco has been extremely jealous! Here he is showing some love for his new baby sister. Hopefully this is a step towards accepting he’s not the baby anymore.
Rocco2Awwwe Felicia, you have room for two babies, right?  ;)

Meeting of the minds

Ok kid, I’m still smarter than you…
241598735_a14073c0f3_oGreat shot C.K.!