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Synchronized Lifeguard duty!

Indy & Bacca have 180 degree coverage & are ready to sound the alarm!

Sheltie intelligence at work, right Barb! ;)

Shoe pillow pout!

David went to put his shoes on and found Bacca laying on them like this, as if he’d pushed them into place to support his heavy head!

Maybe it is Bacca’s secret plan to keep him home Barb!

Sheltie Snuggle-Rama

Trying to get to sleep tonight?
Snuggle with these guys and you’ll be counting sheepies in no time.

Lucky you Barb!  :)

A little help here please?

Bacca says: “Help mom!  It’s stuck!”
Baccaball LOL Barbara!

This wasn’t what I meant…

Bacca says:  “Mom thought she could fool me into thinking she’d brought home a “live” playmate for me!”Bacca3

What a look, Barb!