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This Sheltie is ready to help with your Festival of Lights

Bailey says: “Happy Hanukkah everyone!”Sorry this took so long, Randi! ;)

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Puppy Dog Eyes!

Bailey at 2 months old is the happiest puppy when he’s surrounded by his toys!

Such a cutie, Maida!

Grumpular Birthday!

Dreamer (birthday girl) Bailey & Chloe kinda-sorta- celebrate?

‘The Look’ x3 Nancy!  Oh my!

I’m detecting drama…

Bailey thinks Dreamer is nothing but trouble.  Chloe looks OK with things.

You got that right nve, Dreamer is small but ‘mighty’ worrisome to Bailey!!

Got your back bro!

Joey likes to hide under Bailey.  (This is pretty typical of the two of them.)

Patty, Acadia National Park looks awesome!