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Thow it again! …and again!

Lizzie says,  “won’t anyone play ball with me, please? “

Why do they always look like you have yet to once throw it to them,  no matter how many time you already have!?

Such guilt Karen!

A sunshine vacation!

So Shadow took his folks to Florida and got a serious case of the frizzies.  He enjoyed the million new smells, licked oyster shells and chased insect and reptilian wonders.
Finally, a hammock nap with the blue ball.

A trip from Colorado to Florida sounds like a real adventure Lum!  :)

It’s warm & green somewhere in the world!

Joey is a handsome fellow Kathie!

Play with me please?

Denver has plenty of mischief in those eyes!:)) Debbie

I love my present!

Skylar is having fun with one of his new toys for his second birthday.
Lucky boy he is Bob!