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Sheltie Musketeers!

MN Sheltie Rescues Bandit, Fletcher, and Dasher are ready, willing and able to fight for the cause!(Well, more maybe just for the next treat.)

Love the feather hats Kathy!


EVERYONE talks about the Sheltie Smile.  My Bandit has more of the Sheltie Attitude.  Just thought you all might enjoy seeing what he thinks of having his picture taken when I said “co-operate or no treat.”

BanditsillyHe did get the treat not just because he finally co-operated, but because he’s just too darn cute!


LOL Sandi!

Winter hues

Bandit blends wonderfully into a winter landscape.
Bandit Beautiful photo Sandi!

Maybe someday I’ll forgive you.

Bandit is on his way home from the groomers.
He looks great Janet, but the look is priceless! :)Love the ghost bandanna too!

Wishing for warmer weather…

From left to right:  Cody, Daisy, Spike, Casey, Simon and BanditGroups3aThanks to Lisa & Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue!