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Sheltie water police

Suki is on guard for some noisy Jet skis on Lake Mead, Nevada.So nosy aren’t they, Louise?

Woof! That’s right, it’s my beach!

Austin does his best to scare away the waves. Austinbeach A happy Sheltie in his work Bob!

Can you hear me now?

Thanks to Cassidy, Raleigh & their human, Gail!

Poochini, perhaps????

Singing_sheltie_2Just before Christmas, Sheltie Nation member Jean, of Mission, B.C. Canada adopted a 12 year old deaf Sheltie, Belle, from a rescue organization.

She captured this picture quite by chance, with a simple point-and-shoot camera.  The combination of a beautiful sunrise, early morning frost on the straw, and Belle’s coloring combined to create the halo-effect around her.  Calling it “The Singing Sheltie” as she is quite convinced she was trying out for the opera – Poochini, perhaps????

I wanna play!

Here is 9 months old Chase, barking at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk. Lynn, Chase’s owner, suspected he was protesting because she wouldn’t let him go play with the dogs that were doing a Flyball presentation.BarkingA Sheltie has to express their feelings somehow right, Lynn?