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I think you have it barkwards.

Pogo and Mally do what they do best.


It’s wag more AND bark more right, Denise?

Someone is Here to Complain

But Pia, matching sweaters are SO in this season!


Opinionated little girl, Carina!

Dude, Bark Softly!

Naughty Claussen

puppy barking at cat

Poor Dante, Lysette! His face is hysterical though!

SN Weather Alert: Foggy Morning in Proctorsville, VT

Good thing Foghorn Rosie is on duty to warn other nearby Shelties of any dangers that may be lurking in the dog yard!

Blue Merle Sheltie Barking

Good one, Tracey! :))

Sheltie Sprinkler Sparkler Barker!

Say that three times real fast!

What a neat photo of Abby, Beth!