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The Perfect Pillow

After a tough day, it’s nice to have that pillow that fits you perfectly.

Barkley has a really nice bed, Rick! ;))

Sheltie Nation Trip Advisor

Barkley and Brooklyn are chilling at the Fairmont.

They give it two paws up!


And where will you sit, Rick? ;)

There’s a good reason it’s called fur-niture!

Barkley and Brooklyn have a really rough life.


For sure, Rick!

Million Dollar View

Look at those beautiful Shelties!

And the background isn’t so bad either.


Barkley and Brooklyn are lucky dogs to be on such an awesome trip, Rick!

Smiling Summer Shelties!

Left to right: Pixie, Checkers & BarkleyYou are so lucky to have such beautiful Shelties, Ann!  :))