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This was a s’well’ birthday!

More birthday fun on SN today!

Rookie turned a big THREE year’s old & Spring and Baron are his birthday buddies.

:) Terri

Unbelievable amounts of PURE Sheltie torture!

You’ve got to have games at a birthday party, right?

Although Baron looks like he might be thinking: “I wouldn’t call the ‘Leave It game” really a game at all!

Left to right:  Rookie, Spring & Baron

I’m sure he forgot all about it once you said “OK!” right Terri? ;)


3 Shelties in a tub!

Rookie, Baron & Spring goofing around on Baron’s 4th Birthday!

Boys are stupid!

“Pirates” Rookie & Baron, and their fair “Maiden” Spring.

Although, she doesn’t look quite as pleased with her costume as the boys do.

The fairer sex has far more sense Terri.  :))

Big Brother Sheltie

Remember little Rookie on his homecoming day?

Just when you thought he couldn’t get any cuter…here he is with big brother Baron.Terri gives us all another “awwwwe!”