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World Series of Sheltie Cuteness

The World Series between the Giants and the Royals is here.

Angel was adopted from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue. Guess who she is rooting for in the World Series?


OMG Debbie, she is absolutely adorable!

This could go either way

Lexi’s not sure about the get up …or is it when the Angels lose?

Oh…if it’s the Sheltie stink eye you’re in trouble Dawn!  :))

Where did that white ball go?

Maverick loves watching his favorite baseball team, the Rays. Here he is watching and cheering.
Baseball Well, it appears that the Rays need more Sheltie mojo Lindy!

Sheltie: Your #1 Fan!

Kylee is watching my son’s baseball game……She loves watching baseball – her eyes are on the ball at all times!  She’s an intense spectator that barks with excitement and wants to show the players how to play the game!
KyleeNice that you brought her an appropriate comfy “throne” too Pam!  ;)