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Why so Sad, Pumpkin?

Oh no…wet Kelsey!

Sad look from wet Sheltie.

You have a lot of cookie penance to dish out, Karen!

There’s nothing worse than a bath! Right?

According to their owner, Jackson and Missy are smiling right after they had a…bath.
Oh you must be joshing us Cody! :))

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Wet noodle!

Lacey’s first bath isn’t going over so well.

I’m sure lots of cookies will make up for it Susan!

Bouncing makes me dry faster!

Baron and Rookie practicing their “After Bath Zoomies” on a beautiful Spring day.
LOL Terri

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: I’m unbearablely cute!

Wow, Bailey is soooo cute that I’m speechless!  *Sqeeee!*
BaileyBath Lucky, lucky you Randi!