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What do you mean “bath”? I’m not that dirty!

After a very rainy week, our back yard in Glenarm, IL was full of mud.  We had to block access to the doggy door and cleaned up the mess.  We took this picture of Jazper just before his bath! Jazpermudoooooh, Pam And Brian!

Boy am I glad that bath is over!

Maggie (from Prague), manages a smile just after her bath.
Maggie7 She looks on the bright side Magda!  :)

Sheltie Consequences

Linda gets a bath on the porch following a little wading in the edge of the pond!
Lindabath  Cute shot Lacey..she doesn’t look too unhappy!  LOL

I didn’t know Shelties used profanity?!

If Cayman could talk, I think he would have some choice words right about now.
CaymanWow…what a look, Bobby & Joan!

Candidate for a future Water Shelties installment

Apparently Duncan had fun playing in the mud outside his house.
He’s one happy guy!
DirtyDIck!  Have fun with that mess, Tracey!