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What is the best kind of lawn ornament?

beautiful Baxter & Jenna of course!
Lawn Thanks to Elaina!

Pool party even a Sheltie would love…

1 Perfect Summer Day
1 boogie board
1 handsome Sheltie life guard
1 patio umbrella for shade
1 pool with plenty of toys
NO WATER, pricelessBaxter & Jenna have it made, Elaina!

No fair…why does the Sheltie always have to wear the hat?

Thanks to Gray, Elizabeth, Dottie, Buster (the Sheltie) and Andy! 

Please pass the tape!

Jenna and Baxter are doing their best to help with all the holiday wrapping!

Very cute, Elaina!

Sheltie Sick Day

Cara was under the weather recently & her Sheltie Baxter kept her company in bed.Better than any chicken soup!