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Long, Long Ago….

….in a backyard far, far away…


Beau is reading to you, George? ;)

When it’s HOT…

Beau knows where it’s cool!


Smart AND cute, George! ;)

Because counting sheep is so old-fashioned.

Counting Shelties is much more fun.


Beau, Romie, BJ, and Care are the fab 4.

Awesome photo, George!

Sheltie ears that tip perfectly…


tippedearsBeau is a former foster at Kansas City Sheltie Rescue.

He was adopted by his foster parents, who are proud to be foster failures!

He is beautiful, Debbie!

It’s a Sheltie playdate!

Left to right: Mollie, Casey, Reggie,  Barty, Bob, Beau.
SHELTIEBUDDIES Looks like everyone is having fun Vera!