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That Sweet Sheltie Soul

“By some miracle I was connected to a Sheltie named Beau a couple of months ago when he was 9 months old. He loves everyone;almost every dog, and my 2 kittens. He is a favorite everywhere he goes and his smile lights up a room. Here is a picture of him the day he arrived home in the all of 5 minutes that it took him to warm up to us.”

BeauHe looks like a snuggle bug, Grace!

Finally friends…

Beau was finally able to get Coda to let her guard down & play!Yea, Nicole!

I’m still not so sure…

Coda has come a long way in accepting Beau, the rescue Sheltie, into her pack.

She is getting warmer, Nicole!

Where is daddy going?

Sheltie Nation member Nicole adopted Beau from the Northern Chesapeake Sheltie Rescue in December.  Looks like he has already bonded with his new fur mom & dad!I bet this site is equally cute from the outside. Sheltie in silhouette!

Crazy Sheltie…or can they really see fairies?

LOL…Nicole, your Beau is a very silly Sheltie!