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Can’t Catch Me!

Poor Baylie, Bella is such a tease!

LOL, love that look on Bella’s face, Lisa!

Fireside Chat

Bella and Izzie warm their toes on the hearth and talk about their day.

Perfect, Rose!

Pop-up Blocked…er, ‘Tocked!

Bella says: “Oh Charlie, grow up. We don’t want to see your fuzzy bum!”

Awe Joanne, we <3 Charlie’s fuzzy ‘tocks!


Bella: “Hmmmm. We kinda look alike.”
Dodger:  “Yeah. But you’re cuter.”
Bella: “True.”

They are both cute, right, Mary? :)

Give an inch, and Shelites will take it all!

Bella and Oreo are entitled, right?

So where do YOU sleep Kerri? ;)