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We shall KEES you!!

Any one care for a lick?  Bella & Dodger give good kisses!

Sign me up for a few Mary!  ;)

Help for the Cute-Impaired

Notice how Dodger & Bella’s mouths form a heart?  They are saying “I heart you”

Yea sure, that is exactly what they are saying Mary!  LOL

New Years Resolution #1

Bella and Dodger say: “no more hats!”

Very sweet, Mary!

Cranberry says: “oh yea, I agree with that!What a face, Denise!

Bailey seems to be on board as well!Christmas joy on his face?  Ha, ha, Paul & Tashell!

Salty Sheltie?

Bella says: “I am NOT shipshape!”

Awe, she looks so cute Mary!

How do these things work?

Bella has no idea how all the pillows from the couches got onto her favorite chair.I’m sure she will sort it out Mary ;)