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Holiday Walkies!

Snooky and Panda enjoy some early holiday festivities.


Pretty pups, Lisa & Connie!

Smiling Sheltie Sunshine Salutations!

Keltic and Beckett look so cute with their squinty smiles!sunnysmiles

So sweet, Helen!

Shelties Who Think They’re Hiding

I caught Lulu and Linus having a quiet moment on the park bench last weekend.
I guess they are too civilized for grass?
Was it the head or the tail that gave them away, Valerie? :)

I prefer a firm pillow, thank you.

Maggie, you know that headrest was made just for you!

Shelties are so resourceful aren’t they, Andy?  :))

Waitin’ for the bus to cute town.

I want a ticket wherever Harvey, Stanley and Bundy are going!

:)) Mary