Benji enjoyed a trip to Southern California where he met his “aunt and uncle” Emily and Frankie! The 3 created quite a crowd at the Santa Monica Pier!


Looks like a windy but fun day, Lisha!


This little cutie pie is Benji!

Currently 6 months old, 10.2 lbs and perhaps 11-1/2″ at the shoulder,  he’s going to stay on the small side when mature.  Apparently he’s quite the little character!

His foster mom reports that he loves to be snuggled and will stand on his hind feet with his paws on your leg asking to be picked up & held!  OMG, every Sheltie lover’s dream dog!

He’s also SOOO fast, his tiny body becomes a blur as he races around the room when playing with his “housemates”.  Pounces with delight on toys; which we all know is always just too cute for words. His foster mom is working on his house manners (and he has improved quite a bit since his first day in foster care less than a week ago!)

Benji is one of 3 puppies [age 5-6 months] recently rescued from the Lancaster mills by NJ Sheltie Rescue.  If you can’t resist adopting one of these sweeties, please visit NJ Sheltie Rescue’s website and complete an application:

Act fast, because with a face like that, you know he is going to be adopted quickly!!!!

8/14/2011 Benji is pending adoption, but two others are still looking for homes!