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Don’t I look good in blue?

Bentley won his first agility trial!
Agility1Way to go Bentley & Ashley!

South Carolina beaches are fun!

Bentley & Rada look like they are having fun at the beach in Charleston, SC.Oh can we visit too, Ashley?  :)

Shelties of my past…

I must be nostalgic this week.  So in memory of Bentley (the second Sheltie in my life) & his birthday, I am posting what I think is THE cutest photo of him. I took this photo in June 1988, when I snuck up on my dad & little Bentley taking a nap on the floor with my mom.Bentley1Bentley was such a butterball at 8 weeks.  We debated naming him something like Bear (or jokingly “wide load”), but with Shelties, we felt you really need a more dignified sounding name.  Bentley grew up to be a *tad* over-sized :)  … weighing over 50 lbs (& he wasn’t overweight!)

Miss you Bentley (aka: Bennie Boo)

What was that? Did you say cookie?

Bentley & Joey doing what Shelties do best…being cute.Giggles, Mike T.