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Shelties: guardians of all creatures!

The other day a baby robin was in my back yard and Daphny found it but did not harm it. She looked at the little bird and came to me to show me. I was so proud she has a gentle heart and is not one to harm the little creature!
Bird1What a sweet soul, Danny!

Little birdie in the window?

This is Aslan showing us that he wants to come inside.  I don’t know which bird taught him to perch in the window sill to get attention, but its affective.
AslanLOL, Craig!

Hello, who are you?

“This was the first time Chelsea discovered another species of animal….and I was beginning to think it was the first experience for the bird too.  They sat in that position for at least 5 minutes!  It was plenty of time for me to go get the camera.ChelseaVery nice of them to wait for you Donita!

No really, there is a bird on my Sheltie!

Wow, Maggie is a budgie transporter.  :)MagnoliaNow this isn’t something Sheltie folks see every day, Lindsay!