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Happy (Belated) Birthday Royce!

Royce turned 13 back in September! Brighton was on hand to help him celebrate. ;)

(Oh no, not the hats!)

But wait, it’s not so bad, right?  I see cookies!

Hats AND cookies for all, Michele!  ;)

So where’s the cake?!

Happy 11th birthday Aggie!

LOTS of treats, right Ken?  ;)

Grumpular Birthday!

Dreamer (birthday girl) Bailey & Chloe kinda-sorta- celebrate?

‘The Look’ x3 Nancy!  Oh my!

Oh, this is just SO wrong

Spot is so not amused on his first birthday!

Boy oh boy are you in trouble Paula!

Gosh, you really turned 40?

I don’t think Beignet is as worried about her mom turning 40 as she is wearing a silly party hat.
BeignetOh the indignity!