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Sheltie Happy Meal

Ruffle (sable): “Wait, I have to SHARE my birthday burger with her?”

Carmen (tri-color): “Yep, happy birthday!”

shetland sheepdogs and birthday burger

Be sure to tell Ruffle that her birthday is coming too, Barbara. ;)

Happy (Belated) Birthday Royce!

Royce turned 13 back in September! Brighton was on hand to help him celebrate. ;)

(Oh no, not the hats!)

But wait, it’s not so bad, right?  I see cookies!

Hats AND cookies for all, Michele!  ;)

Cue the Wind Machine!

Holly celebrates her 11th birthday on Cape May beach, NJ.

Looks like she had fun, Marion!

But it was a little ‘white lie’

Chester says (R): “Wait a minute Kobe, when you invited me, you didn’t say anything about having to wear a hat!”

Party time, Margaret!

So where’s the cake?!

Happy 11th birthday Aggie!

LOTS of treats, right Ken?  ;)