Are you smack in the middle of The Blizzard of 2015?

If your Sheltie ventures outside or is hunkered down by the fire inside, we’d love to see ‘em!


(A frosted Teddy says, “stay safe, everyone!”)

On the ride home from a camping trip in the mountains we stopped at the Dairy Queen in Montrose, CO for a Blizzard.  Shadow got to lick the empty cup (no chocolate).
He observed that the new “mini” size fits his muzzle perfectly — no need to secure it with paws — it stays put tightly enough that you can work your tongue all around and thoroughly clean it without it slipping off! He thought other Shelties would want to know about this.
The only negative is the smear of ice cream on the snout. But Mom got that with a wet paper towel.

Fun, fun, Lum!

LamorHotelRabbitLamor looks out a motel window where we had to stop, Christmas Eve, in Rapid City SD.  I-90 was shut down due to a Blizzard. That evening the windchill dropped to -70 degrees and we had 60 mph winds with white out conditions!

When we arrived at the motel, Lamor jumped up to look out the window and saw a bunny run across the snow. It kept him entertained for about half an hour.

We were stuck there for three days, including Christmas in a Motel!Lamor

After a few days the temperature WARMED to  -10 during the day and windchill -30.  Lamor was very happy to have his booties and jacket on!

At least you had each other to hug Christmas morning Cheri! :)