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Squirrel Invaders!

Not on Bo’s watch!

What a lovely photo, Robert!

Nap time pecking order…humans on the floor!

Here is a photo of my Shelties and I having a quick nap on the sofa.  You will notice that the dogs got the sofa and I was sitting on the floor :)  From left to right:  Lili, Bo and me (Julie).

This is so embarrassing

Lili & Bo are not amused.
Our_reindeersCough up the cookies Julie!

Shelties like to sleep in tight spaces.

Bo has what appears to be a very uncomfortable spot.Guess you can’t use that chair any time soon, Julie & Marc?!

Sunbathing lessons

Bo sweetly shares his bed with 10 week old Lili.Lili_and_boVery lovely photo Julie!