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Helloooo…I’m floating away!

Gracie floats in a boat after Hurricane Ike.
IkeLOL, Byron & Phyllis!

Sheltie lovers know how to throw a party!

Moe got a cake…and a cruise!Trevor & Toby want to be invited next year, Dianne!  ;)

Fishin’ buddies…

Hunter is driving out to his secret fishing spot.Am I suppose to do something with this?   I can’t exactly herd a fish.Looked like a fun day for every one, Sean!

Seaside Sheltie

Here is Mac, a rescue Sheltie, visiting Camden, Maine during Windjammer weekend.MacLooks like fun, Perri!

Summer is almost over

Sigh….could it be?  Summer feels like it is almost over here in beautiful New Hampshire.  Cooler temperatures have arrived and it is almost the perfect time for evening snuggling with your favorite Sheltie.  Who needs an afghan when you have one of these!