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For That Shel-tastic Smile!

Chelsea shows us how a pretty bow can enhance a smile.

Jake says: “No bow for me thanks, I’m handsome enough!” ;)

Love their happy faces Debbie!

I hope I’m not next!

Notice Linda’s little brother Bill peeking around the corner of the bed.

Run Bill!

:) Emma

All girls like pretty hairdos!

Apparently Chloe and Misty don’t mind the groomers, but HATE the bows.  Those never seem to make it home intact!

Always a good idea to snap those pictures while you can Kate! ;)

All dressed up for the holidays

Montana says: “Don’t I look dapper?”
Montana20dec0620001What a sweet smiling face Kelsey!

OK, lean a little to the right…

What was that?  Did you say cookie? 
99349974_9891f12346This double “Baroo?” brought to you by…Bitsie, Nickie & Kathy T.