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I’m Just Catching Up on the News!


Brody didn’t learn it here did he, Nancy? ;)

Now Those Are Respectable Costumes

Brody, the Collie and Ariel, the Sheltie are dressed to the hilt! After each serving a busy year as a mascot at numerous events, promoting spay/neuter and adoption, they passed the torch the next mascot. 


All for a good cause right, Debbie! :)

Well? We are waiting.

Brody, Isabel & Bastien practice their powers of persuasion. Snowlooks LOL, good luck with that Gwendy!

Instant buddies!

Jaiden & her new puppy Brody became fast friends!
Brody2 So cute Sarah!

A little Easter tease

Isabel, Bastien and Brody wish everyone a happy Easter!
EasterbonetsThanks to Gwendy!