Buddy seemed to enjoyed Acadia National Park in Maine as much as we did.  We met so many nice people that always want to pet and play with him.  All ages are attracted to those sweet friendly faces.  He was a very gentle Sheltie ambassador!
 No matter how amazing the view a Sheltie always makes it even more beautiful!
Looks like he had a blast Debbie! :))

777buddy2 Buddy is a 5 year old, rather large Sheltie that arived at his foster home weighing 71 pounds!  He has been put on a diet and has lost over 10 pounds to date.  Since he is overweight, he has been walking up to 1.5 miles to help him lose the extra pounds.  Buddy is great with other dogs, men, women, children & cats. Considering Buddy was an only dog, his transition to a multi dog family has been very good!

Buddy is a woobie boy. He loves his woobies and will play for hours, if you have the stamina. :)  He like cats and tries to get the foster family cat to play all the time. He never bites and he has learned to share his woobies with the other dogs. (The blind Sheltie in his foster home will actually beat him up if he gets in his way…well sort of beat him up.)

He has learned manners and how to sit and wait for his dinner, and not get too pushy for treats. (He has decided that he loves cottage cheese!) He is smart, loves to play, minds his manners and quickly adjusted to his foster family. Buddy knows how to heel and will benefit from long walks or more playing in the back yard.  He does not appear to be too afraid of loud noises, tractors, guns, trucks, etc.  He is an all around good boy.

Don’t let Buddy’s size fool you, he can run and jump with the best of them.  Won’t you give Buddy a chance?  You can find out more information about adopting Buddy at Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana.

Buddy is currently being fostered in Michigan.

UPDATE: Buddy has been adopted.  :))