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Improvising travel Sheltie

On a trip through Oregon (that wondrous place where the gas stations hand out dog treats) we stopped overnight and Buffy decided the crate was hers so Emma staked out the bottom of the nightstand.

NightstandLOL!  Thats cute Rick!

Gee, thanks!

Buffy does not appreciate having her picture taken from this angle. Buffylook Oh Rick …LOL, you should know better!  (But we all think her backside is cute!) ;)

The look of disgust x4!

Left to right…Badger, Buffy, Marsailles & Gracie.
Costumes3 Ohhhh, you are so in trouble Byron & Phyllis!

Snug as a bug

Buffy Buff is a little cutie pie Diana!

Low windows=Sheltie nature TV

Badger, Buffy, Gracie & Marsailles enjoy the show.
WindowLove those fuzzy butts, Byron & Phyllis!