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Hey Buster, Maybe A Breath Mint?

Poor Miah doesn’t know what to think of Buster the Terrier.


LOL, Jim!

Napping buddies

Buster Brown and Nathaniel are VERY BEST FRIENDS!!
Napping I see that Buster is still keeping one eye on him Todd & Lana!  ;)

Best way to stay warm during an ice storm.

Our electricity was off for four days due to the ice storm. He’s the only dog I’ve ever seen that likes to get under the covers. He’ll sleep for hours under his blanket.
SleepingbusterSnuggle time for you too Andy!

Classic happy Sheltie moment

Buster hams it up for the camera.That is a very happy Sheltie, Andy!  :)

How to get a Sheltie to sleep…

Gray’s bedtime story worked on Buster!Very cute, Andy!