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Sheltie-cize Your Way To A New U in 2014!

Cadfael, who turns 12 in December, is struggling with arthritis in his front legs and shoulders. It got pretty bad last winter and our vet recommended some rehab therapy. Fortunately it helped, and fortunately, he looked so cute! Walking on a water treadmill can help recover some of the lost mobility in his limbs. We now give him “pup exercises” every day to help keep him limber.

He looks like he might actually like it, Ron & Janice!

If Puppy’s Happy, Everybody’s Happy!

Cadfael says: “thanks for the walk, mom!”

Cute Sheltie on grass

Happy boy, Janice. What a sweet face!

Sheltie is workin’ it!

Cadfael’s version of “The Look”: Whilst in his dad’s arms, he turns his head, rests it on dad’s shoulder, and bestows a heart-melting gaze upon his mum. Cookies inevitably follow!
CadWhat a doll he is Ron & Janice!

Being a wet Sheltie sucks!

Cadfael looks thrilled, doesn’t he?  My gosh, just look at those eyes!CadfaelafterbathToo funny, Ron!