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Will the real Sheltie please step forward?

Callie isn’t fooling you Vicky?  ;)

Sing it with me now…

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday sweet Denver, happy birthday to you!

Luke, Denver, Callie & Meg can’t wait to dive in!

Fabulous goodies for all Debbie!

Pinup girls!

Emmie & Callie know how to pose!

They know they’re beautiful girls Cindy! :)

You coming to bed too?

Callie & Emmie ALWAYS sleep with mom & dad! : )Calembed Wonderful photo, Cindy!

Comfy chair + warm fire + chew bone = heaven?

Newly adopted Callie looks quite comfortable!!
CallieadoptHugs to you Vicki for giving Callie a good home!