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The Pom-tastic Sheltie Photo!

Denver, Sprite, Callie & Luke

The Pom rules them all, Debbie! :))

Feeling a little chilly this winter?

Have the winter blues and are dreaming of spring?

Lovely Callie is just the thing to warm you up.


So lovely, John!

Will the real Sheltie please step forward?

Callie isn’t fooling you Vicky?  ;)

Sing it with me now…

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday sweet Denver, happy birthday to you!

Luke, Denver, Callie & Meg can’t wait to dive in!

Fabulous goodies for all Debbie!

Pinup girls!

Emmie & Callie know how to pose!

They know they’re beautiful girls Cindy! :)