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The exponential Sheltie cute factor

Each Sheltie you add increases the cute factor by x100!

Destiny, Callie, Elliott and Marley 
Fourshelties Thanks to Lane!

Secret Sheltie fishing spot

Callie won’t tell!CalliefishThanks to Krey!

Let’s go for a ride!

Count em’….three smiles!  (Mia, Super & Luke)but wait…there is more!  Don’t forget Meg & Callie!That’s a full vehicle, Debbie!

Take time to stop & smell the flowers.

Callie likes purple Wisteria.  :)Beautiful photo Denise!

Are baths more enjoyable if you bring a friend?

If Momo & Callie’s expressions are any indication, that would be a “No”Such sad puppy faces Eva!  :(