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Winds Gusting From The West…No, From The East.

A Sheltie’s coat is much more reliable than weather-people on the morning news.


Arnie on the beach of Lake Erie in Leamington, Ontario.

The M.V. Jiimaan car ferry is in the distance, which goes to Pelee Island, Ontario, Canada. Terry

Nice view, eh?

Wilson visits Drumheller, Alberta.Pretty boy & pretty view, Alex!

Too chilly even for me!

It’s getting very brisk up here in Ontario. 
Here is a pic of Dickie from last night…the furnace just wasn’t enough for him!
Stay warm, Nancy and Mike!

Sight-seeing Sheltie

This is Max, touring Toronto, Canada and posing at the CN Tower.MaxbytowerMax is a lucky dog, Vivian!  ;)

Come here sea gulls, we promise not to hurt you.

Megan & Montana at St. Andrews, New Brunswick Canada.
Not surprisingly, both love to herd the sea gulls.Megandmon_2Thanks to the Connor’s Family!