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In MY Opinion…

“…throw the ball!”

Candi rescued us at 6y/o she’s now 15!


Well get to it, Laura & Walt! ;)

Do You Have This in My Size?

Candi says: “ANY size is MY size!”


Happy girl, Laura!

Laid Back on the Lake?

Not while Candi’s human is out kayaking!

sheltie laying on dockHugs for adopting, Laura. She watches out for you all now. :)

Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

Candi must be dreaming of snowflakes.

Of course that is her personal fan, right Laura?  ;)

A happy soul…

Candi is a fine example of what you can expect when you rescue a Sheltie – a happy, contented, smiling face! What a sweet face, Laura & Walt!