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Is everybody happy now?

Casey and her baby sister Hailey who is 3 months old.

They are both happy girls!

Wow Lorie, sooooo cute!  :))

Legend of Fuzzy the Kid

Casey and Rio are pretending to be desperadoes on Movie Road in the Alabama Hills, California.

Wow, so beautiful, Pat!

Would be much more fun without the hats!

Casey & Rose can’t wait to dig in! Birthday Good times Marla!  ;)

Yo! Sheltie in the da hood!

Casey expresses himself CaseyhatWhat a look Pauline!

Die Sprinkler! Die!

Casey loves to try to catch the water as it comes out of the sprinkler. He runs by at full speed, reaching out to grab a bite as he flies by.
CaseysprinklerLOL…looks like an angry Sheltie, Pat!