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Shelties love snow days too!

Casey and Patrick both enjoy it when school is canceled!
Caseysnow Cute, Pauline!

Those sit-stays come in handy!

Rio, Gwen, and Casey posed for a portrait for the New Year.
NewyearLovely Pat!

Wishing for warmer weather…

From left to right:  Cody, Daisy, Spike, Casey, Simon and BanditGroups3aThanks to Lisa & Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue!

Sheltie Snowbear

Casey demonstrates the thermal properties of Sheltie fur.  He is so well insulated the snow doesn’t melt!

CaseyThanks Steve, Casey is one of the cutest Sheltie Angels in heaven.  :)

Papasan Sheltie

Casey says: “You are not going to make me get up, right?  I’m really comfy.” (Insert Sheltie smile)CaseypapasanToo funny Linda!