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Kitty Cohabitation

Kimiko the cat and Fergus really DO like each other.


Why do kitties always look so serious, Kerfuffle?

Dude, Bark Softly!

Naughty Claussen

puppy barking at cat

Poor Dante, Lysette! His face is hysterical though!

Amazing Sheltie Hybrid!

Holly Cow! Check out the newly discovered two-headed shelcat hybrid!

Brandi and Sam look like they are pretty good friends,Terry. :)

The Witness Protection Program Used to be More Reliable

When Rosie agreed to testify against Keyser Soze, she incorrectly assumed her new identity would be tougher to crack.

I don’t see a Sheltie, Tracey.  Do you?  ;)

Well Isn’t This Romantic?

Simon and Felix are best buds.  Just don’t tell the other Shelties.

Everyone always seems to get along at Holly’s house.  What IS her secret? ;)