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That’s my spot kitty!

Isabel is wishing that Chloe (the cat) would get out of Mommy’s lap!Furry Mexican standoff Gwendy! :))

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: kitty sitter

Coda & Milk are chillin together.Little cuties Kelley!

Do you ever feel like you are being watched?

Poor Shane, he cant go visit grandma without having Maestro the ‘cranky cat’ watching him where ever he goes.

Don’t turn around Shane….

Kitty2Sheesh, he even watches me do my thing outside! Kittywindow

Cat’s feet DON’T smell like Fritos!

Yoda the cat & Jake take a nap…well, Yoda is napping anyway.
JakeyodaI love Jake’s expression, Mary!

Sheltie = pose, Kitty = whatever

Chance the Sheltie pup with her ‘sister’ Tuesday, the cat.  They are enjoying watching the leaves blow by…….
Chance2Typical, Anthony!  ;)