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Sheltie Nation Trip Advisor

Barkley and Brooklyn are chilling at the Fairmont.

They give it two paws up!


And where will you sit, Rick? ;)

Sorry, This Hat Is Taken

Wait, what?

You wanted the chair?


Benji looks adorable, Lisha!

Prosh In Pink!

Meeko, you look so fabulous!

Your tongue matches your chair!

meekochair:) Jackie

This just in: A Melting Sheltie

┬áSeconds after plopping down into his human’s chair, Knuckle B became nothin’ but cheek puff and paws.


Thank you for the fine report, Jim. ;)

I’ll cheer for whoever has cookies.

Poor Jeter. He lives near Boston with this unpopular name!


It doesn’t matter who wins right, David? Jeter always gets a cookie! :)