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I will MAKE room!

Miah likes to lay down behind Grandma’s chair regardless if there is any room or not!

Love the ‘yea, so what’ look, too Jim!  :)

Comfy Chair

Miki & Tupper are waiting for you to join them.

Room for you Cliff if Tupper is in your lap?  ;))

Comfy chair + warm fire + chew bone = heaven?

Newly adopted Callie looks quite comfortable!!
CallieadoptHugs to you Vicki for giving Callie a good home!

Shelties know how to work the crowd

Tuffy probably did well getting handouts at family picnics with this little trick.
TuffyWhat a sweetie, Christina.

New Sheltie Champion!

Shadow poses For his MACH Picture.
Shadow2Way to go, Sharon!